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Wing-Tipping: Crazy, Brilliant, British, Bad-Arsedness

Holy cr@p check this out – have you heard of “wing-tipping?” If it sounds like some sort of sophomoric shenanigans perpetrated by young punks, you're not too far off. Only these “punks” were young RAF fighter pilots over the skies of England, circa 1944, and their “shenanigans” involved fighter plans and Nazi V-1 rockets, the earliest cruise missiles… wait, what?

See, back in 1944, following the Allied invasion of Europe via Normandy, Hitler was pretty pissed. In addition to landing at Normandy, the Allies had not only achieved air superiority, but dominance over the skies over Europe. So Hitler was really bent, but lacked a way to strike back at England without his broken Luftwaffe. This led to the development of a host of infamously strange & innovative weapons systems, some which worked better than others. (Research “foo fighters” if you want to explore some real weirdness.)

One of the more successful of these “vengeance” weapons developed by the Nazi mad scientists was the V-1 rocket, which would come to be known as the “buzz bomb” due to the distinctive noise made by the V-1's rudimentary pulse-jet engine. These precursors to the modern cruise missile were launched from the European continent and guided towards London by a basic gyroscopic guidance system. Pretty soon, Hitler's goons were lobbing these terror weapons at England as fast as they could build them, eventually launching nearly 10,000 V-1's.

Needless to say, the Brits were not going to take this abuse from Hitler lying down. They in turn developed a number of crazy countermeasures of their own, including “barrage balloons” with steel cables that were intended to cut the wings of incoming buzz-bombs as they flew by.

Perhaps the craziest of the British countermeasures came to be known as “wing-tipping.” And, yes, it's as freakin' balls-to-the-wall nutso as it sounds. RAF pilots learned from hard experience that shooting down a V-1 would often lead to huge explosions of debris that would damage or take down the RAF interceptor. So, the iron-sacked pilots of the RAF did the only thing they could: they used their own planes to tip the wings of incoming V-1's, hopefully disrupting their gyroscopes, sending them off-course. Wuh?!?

The technique involved the RAF interceptor flying alongside the V-1, carefully lining up his wing within six inches of the Nazi rocket's horizontal stabilizer, and gently “nudging” the V-1 off course by disrupting airflow over the rocket's stabilizer. WTF?!?!

Check out this amazing photo of an RAF plane in the act of “wing-tipping” a V-1 buzz-bomb… freakin' incredible:

This has to be one of the most brilliantly crazy examples of ingenuity and heroism we've ever heard of. In our opinion, the famous Brit slogan of WWII is better stated as “Keep Calm & Carry On Your Giant Balls.” In other words, pure bad-assedness, Brits: we bow down in awe.



Shaolin Baby vs. Dragon: Who Wins?

Check out this amazing video by YouTube Dad Patrick Boivin starring his kung-fu-baby son: Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin [best baby name ever?] going hands with a vicious, velveteen dragon.

No joke, this is some of the best kung-fu action since Crouching Tiger.

Amazing stuff, Dad Boivin – keep up the great work and post more videos of Romeo Elvis, please.



Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim Coming December 4th

Bethesda has just released its first trailer video for the new DLC/expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, entitled Dragonborn.

Skyrim fans first discovered clues to this new DLC when Bethesda released its 1.8 update for Skyrim in October; we previously reported on these clues here.

A definitive clue was released by Bethesda in the form of a tweet last Friday.

According to Bethesda’s post today, Dragonborn will be available on Tuesday, December 4th, on XboxLive for 1600 Microsoft Points.  No word yet on when the PC version of Dragonborn will be available.

PS3 owners?  Sadly, at this point, there really does not seem to be any sense in asking or wondering.

Bethesda Game Studios' Tweet re Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim

Skyrim Devs’ Tweet Teases Upcoming DLC


Bethesda Game Studios, developer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, recently tweeted out a new tease of their rumored, upcoming DLC for Skyrim.

In addition to the picture above, the tweet promises a full trailer on Monday, November 5th.

The rumored DLC is expected to be called “Dragonborn,” based on clues found in the recently released 1.8 update for Skyrim; we previously reported on these clues here.

The definitive discussion of all the related clues and the rumored DLC can be found here in the Bethsoft Forums.

It’s no secret that we’ve been playing an unhealthy amount of Skyrim recently, especially in light of all the other new games available to play (Dishonored, MOH: Warfighter, Borderlands 2 etc.); this new teaser does not bode well for our escape from Tamriel any time soon.

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