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Kieran Strange’s New Holiday Song – “Merry Undead Christmas”

Check out our favorite pink-haired Brit singer Kieran Strange’s new Holiday song “Merry Undead Christmas” before the zombies get you too.

By the way, Kieran is straight lethal with candy canes:  consider yourself warned, undead party crashers.

BUY the track:
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Shaolin Baby vs. Dragon: Who Wins?

Check out this amazing video by YouTube Dad Patrick Boivin starring his kung-fu-baby son: Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin [best baby name ever?] going hands with a vicious, velveteen dragon.

No joke, this is some of the best kung-fu action since Crouching Tiger.

Amazing stuff, Dad Boivin – keep up the great work and post more videos of Romeo Elvis, please.



Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim Coming December 4th

Bethesda has just released its first trailer video for the new DLC/expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, entitled Dragonborn.

Skyrim fans first discovered clues to this new DLC when Bethesda released its 1.8 update for Skyrim in October; we previously reported on these clues here.

A definitive clue was released by Bethesda in the form of a tweet last Friday.

According to Bethesda’s post today, Dragonborn will be available on Tuesday, December 4th, on XboxLive for 1600 Microsoft Points.  No word yet on when the PC version of Dragonborn will be available.

PS3 owners?  Sadly, at this point, there really does not seem to be any sense in asking or wondering.

Bethesda Game Studios' Tweet re Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim

OGG Plays – Guild Wars 2: Brisban Wildlands Viewpoint

Just a quick glimpse of the Brisban Wildlands Viewpoint from the gorgeous game Guild Wars 2.

We highly recommend giving GW2 a shot, especially if you are new to MMO’s, or are jaded by the other MMO’s out there.  The world is stunningly beautiful, the gameplay is dynamic and fun, and the online community is frankly, shockingly, NICE and pleasant.  I’ve personally found that the vast majority of GW2 players are actively trying to help each other out in all aspects of the game; this may be the single most impressive aspect of GW2, IMHO.


OGG Plays – Torchlight 2: Breaking the Siege

It’s mini-gunbot versus maxi-autoturret when Engineer Oggee takes on the SiegeMaster & his siege machines in the Breaking the Siege quest of Torchlight 2… who wins?


Borderlands 2 DLC: Captain Scarlett & Her Pirates Booty Trailer

Check out the trailer for Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty, the first campaign add-on for Borderlands 2. This add-on was released today, October 16th for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

PC version is available for download at the Steam Store (click the picture below to link to Steam).

Thanks for sharing the trailer, Gearbox!

Borderlands 2 DLC Captain Scarlett by Gearbox Software available at Steam

OGG Plays – Borderlands 2: Moxxxi’s Slots

In this episode of OGG Plays, our commando toon Axton takes a stroll through the notorious Moxxxi’s new bar in Borderlands 2.

Axton gives you a quick demo of the new slot machine mini-game; has anyone won any good [read: unique] guns from these yet?
We’re wondering if these could be a good  farming source for unique guns in high level, late game play – like the vendors in original BL.  We used a regular farming run of the vending machines in Borderlands 1 to score all sorts of sweet uniques.

Oh yah, this video also features the infamous Moxxxi & her naughty bar dance.

Borderlands 2 from Steam Store

OGG Plays – Torchlight 2: Gold, the Djini & a Gunbot

In this episode of OGG Plays, our Torchlight 2 engineer character runs a golden gauntlet, meets a demanding djini, and realizes the value of the gunbot she has in her skill inventory.

Check out the awesome gunbot (engineer class skill) action in the boss battle near the end of the video.

Did we mention that we’re really enjoying Torchlight 2, and that it’s only $19.99?  We’re not sure what Runic Games was thinking about their pricing, but we are surely grateful!

Torchlight 2 by Runic Games available on Steam


OGG Plays – Bringing a Cannon to a Boss Fight in Torchlight 2

In this short episode of OGG Plays, featuring Runic Games’ Torchlight 2, our intrepid engineer Oggee brings a freaking cannon to a boss fight, and the result is, unsurprisingly, carnage.

We hope you enjoy all the crazy Torchlight 2 magic, skill, & weapon effects, plus tons of pyrotechnics, dazzle, & LOOT!

Torchlight 2 is available for PC on Steam for $19.99.

Torchlight 2 at Steam

OGG GamePlay – Guild Wars 2 Event – Skritt Cave, Flashy Lights, & a Cave-In

Here’s a quick OGG GamePlay video of a Guild Wars 2 event wherein our impromptu pick-up group works together to blow-up a Skritt (read: rat-humanoid) cave support structure.

The first bit of footage shows you some of the sweet, flashy skill & magic effects of the group all going off at the same time as we mow through a wave of Skritt.

The second bit depicts our brave but dumb engineer scrambling to pick up his turrets only to get caught in a (harmless) cave-in.

If this looks fun to you, Guild Wars 2 is available online at


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