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The Tamriel Beer Garden at PAX East – You’re Invited!

Bethesda's Tamriel Beer Garden Invitation

Invitation to the Tamriel Beer Garden hosted by Bethesda

If you will be lucky enough to attend PAX East this week or are near the city of Boston, check out this sweet invitation to the Tamriel Beer Garden, hosted by the good folks at Bethesda.

The Tamriel Beer Garden will take place on Saturday night, March 23rd, at the Castle Meeting Space in downtown Boston, from 6PM to 11PM; admission is on a first come, first served basis.

According to the BethBlog:

We encourage fans of The Elder Scrolls to gather for themed food and drinks, music, merchants, cool giveaways, and more. And if you didn’t get your PAX tickets before the event sold out, the event will be your first chance to play The Elder Scrolls Online.

This sounds like an amazing event to check out for fans of the Elder Scrolls Series – wish we could attend.


Good Morning: Sunrise in Skyrim Wallpaper

Skyrim Sunrise

Nice morning for some fishing.

Click the pic for the wallpaper.  Hope it brightens your day.

Some Gorgeous Skyrim Cosplay to Start Your Week

Katsucon Skyrim-1 courtesy of LJinto

‘Nuff. Said.

Katsucon Skyrim-3

Katsucon Skyrim-4


Please check out more of LJinto’s great cosplay work here.

Skyrim Lego – Regaining the Pale by Derfel Cadarn

Skyrim: Regaining The Pale
If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Lego, this might be one of the best Lego diorama’s you’ll ever see.

Flickr user Derfel Cadarn posted a photo series of his gorgeous work in recreating the “Regaining the Pale” scene from Skyrim in glorious, HD Lego.

Check out the entire “Regaining the Pale” series, as well as Derfel’s other work on his Flickr page, and drop him a nice comment if you appreciate his work as much as the OGGeeks do.

Skyrim: Regaining The Pale

Take a Rest from your Skyrim Adventures with this Mod

Rest stop mod for Skyrim


Check out this sweet screenshot of my hunter character chillin’ next to a waterfall (with a view of Whiterun) as he takes a brief rest from the arduous journey from Riverwood to Whiterun.

This “rest stop” is one of several new locations added to the world of Skyrim by talented modder countercruel, in his mod “Sincar Barrens – A Resting Place.”  This, and several other of countercruel’s gorgeous mods are available for download at Skyrim Nexus.

Countercruel’s Sincar Barrens features:

  • A wide selection of resting places spread out across Skyrim
  • Elder Scrolls lore-friendly design and aesthetic
  • Out-of-the-way locations for improved player immersion
  • “Great for relaxing and reading a book or two” per countercruel
  • Random encounter system around the seating areas
  • “Compatible with most mods including ‘Lanterns of Skyrim’” according to countercruel

We can confirm that thus far we have not run into any conflicts or bugs related to installing Sincar Barrens.  If you really appreciate tuning the already lovely aesthetic experience that is Skyrim, you will enjoy the color and life that Sincar Barrens – A Resting Place will bring to your world of Skyrim.

Skyrim Wallpaper in Glorious, Modded HD

Skyrim Modded HD Picture

Why Skyrim should never ever be played on a console. Thank you, AMD HD 7870!  Click photo to open link to wallpaper.

Hearthfire: Skyrim Add-on First Impressions

Hearthfire for Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks

As promised, we’re back with our initial impressions of Hearthfire, the new add-on for Skyrim released on Xbox LIVE yesterday. While we’re not blown away by our initial experience with Hearthfire, we can see how it should appeal to console players who do not have ready access to Skyrim mods, assuming those players do not mind the $5 cost of the add-on.

When we first fired up Skyrim after downloading Hearthfire, we didn’t notice anything immediately that indicated that Hearthfire was active, other than an add-on content text notice while the game was first loading. We fast traveled to Whiterun to see if anything was different at Breezehome, our original toon housing. Upon arriving in Whiterun, the courier showed up with a message from Proventus Avenicci, steward to the Jarl of Whiterun, informing the player that a child’s bedroom is now an option that can be purchased for player housing. This was the first indication of Hearthfire’s new adoption system at work.

We expected an invite to purchase land to arrive with the courier, but that did not happen in our case. Having seen screenshots of a Hearthfire home in construction in the marshes of Hjaalmarch, we decided to fast travel to Morthal to see if land could be purchased from Jarl Ravencrone. Sure enough, when we spoke to her steward Alsfur, a new dialogue option appeared: an option to purchase land in the marshes north of Morthal. We dropped 5000 gold on him, gathered up the deed to our land, and headed north with Lydia to a spot on the map marked “Windstad Manor.”

Arriving at the site of our new home in the marshes, we were greeted by a large, flat piece of land with a pile of lumber, drafting table, workbench, and anvil set to one side. We also noticed a chest next to the lumber pile, containing a bunch of raw materials such as corundum ore, iron, stone, etc.

Hearthfire Windstad Manor

Early construction on Windstad Manor

Next, we clicked on the drafting table and were offered the option to create the plans for a small house. This was the only option, and the next several steps seemed to be a tutorial mode of sorts for Hearthfire. Next, we moved to the adjacent carpenter’s workbench and were given the option to create a foundation for the small house. As in the other Skyrim crafting systems, you need the requisite materials in your possession prior to crafting any construction item, from nails to hinges to foundations to roofs. Looking to the chest we found on-site, we were able to move through the early phases of building our small house until we ran out of the initial materials.

Stepping back, we were able to gaze upon the fruits of our virtual labor and saw a small cottage, with no front door, no furnishings, nothing inside. We immediately realized that we were going to have to quarry a sh!t-ton of stone and ore, and run a gazzillion trees through the sawmill to make this really happen. Needless to say, with that realization, Lydia and our ‘toon fast traveled back to Breezehome for some well deserved ale and sweetrolls, and called it a night.

Our initial thought is that if you enjoyed farming trees and working the sawmill for gold in the early game, or really enjoy roaming Skyrim for various flowers and butterfly wings to craft your potions, you’ll have the patience required for Hearthfire to really shine. We actually relish the idea of sitting down one long rainy weekend and really hitting the whole rock-quarrying, tree-cutting, house-building thing hard, we just didn’t have the patience or mindset for it last night.

Hearthfire should also really appeal to console players with a lack of access to the PC modding community. PC players have long been able to hone their Skyrim experience with user-created mods, especially when it comes to cool, elaborate player housing. Hearthfire provides console players the ability to create some awesomely unique home for their characters at long last. And if you are a compulsive gatherer-crafter, this will be the best 400 Microsoft Points you ever spend.

We will be back with our thoughts on the adoption system once we give it a go. First, our ‘toon and Lydia need to find the right Argonian kid to raise in our doorless cottage on the swamps of Hjaalmarch.

Hearthfire – Skyrim Add-On Available on Xbox LIVE Today

As we reported last week, the new The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim add-on entitled Hearthfire has been released on Xbox LIVE today, September 4th.

Hearthfire allows Skyrim players to buy land, design and build homes, and even adopt Tamrelian rug-rats.

We’ve downloaded Hearthfire and will be checking it out tonight.  Check back tomorrow for our first impressions.

You can download Hearthfire on Xbox LIVE for 400 Microsoft Points.

Hearthfire Skyrim Add-on Box Art from Xbox LIVE

Skyrim & Rage Net Bethesda Six Golden Joystick Nominations

Bethesda Softworks, developer of 2012’s chart-topping The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been nominated for six Golden Joystick Awards, according to BethBlog and

Specifically, Bethesda is up for Golden Joysticks in the following categories:

  • Ultimate Game of the Year – Skyrim
  • Best RPG – Skyrim
  • Top Gaming Moment – Skyrim, Throat of the World
  • Best use of DLC – Dawnguard and the Creation Kit
  • One to Watch – Elder Scrolls Online
  • Best Shooter – RAGE

Organized back in 1983, the UK-based Golden Joystick Awards (aka the People’s Gaming Awards) are the world’s second oldest gaming award ceremony, and award the best home computer and video games of the year, as voted for by the general public.

You can vote for Bethesda or any of the other nominees over at the official website of the Golden Joystick Awards.

Playstation3 Adventurers Get Skyrim 1.7 Update August 9th!

North American Playstation3 players rejoice!  Bethesda Softworks tweeted out the news that the long awaited Skyrim 1.7 update (read: mounted combat!) for the PS3 would be released on Thursday, August 9th via their Elder Scrolls Twitter account.  The Skyrim 1.7 update for global Xbox360 players will also be available tomorrow.

Unfortunately, European PS3 gamers will have to wait until next week for the Skyrim 1.7 update to release across the pond.

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