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Postcard from Skyrim – The Glare of the Dragon (Wallpaper)

Hey there!  Sorry for not being in touch for a while, but we’ve been busy forging our way through the Rift, slaying ice trolls, frost dragons, you know the drill.  Plus our 4G connection is cr@p in there with all those durn mountains.

In any case, we were thinking of you when we saw this interesting vista  – enjoy.

skyrim wallpaper dragon's glare

Where the h@ll did I put my Oakleys?


Good Morning: Sunrise in Skyrim Wallpaper

Skyrim Sunrise

Nice morning for some fishing.

Click the pic for the wallpaper.  Hope it brightens your day.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Video Walkthrough of Whiterun with HD Textures & ENB Effects Enabled

If you’ve ever played through the grainy, grey/brown morass that is Skyrim on console and then made the switch to vanilla Skyrim on PC, you are well aware of how much more beautiful and immersive the world of Skyrim is when visited via a solid, gaming PC.  Those with performance gaming rigs can take the next step, and install some of the host of available HD texture, water texture, climate, & lighting mods that are available via Skyrim Nexus or the Steam Workshop.

This brief video demonstrates what Skyrim’s Whiterun looks like with HD textures, Climates of Tamriel (a weather & lighting mod), & Project_ENB (a lighting processing mod designed to work in conjunction with CoT) enabled.

We apologize for the slight graininess in full screen view due to the compression software we used to upload; we recommend using the large viewer rather than full-screen.  Nevertheless, you should be able to get a good sense of how the HD textures & ENB effects are an upgrade to vanilla Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Whiterun Sunset

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